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PA Hiking Trails

Website Est. 2005


www.pahikingtrails.com Welcome! www.georflf.com

Note:  Welcome to the new PAHikingTrails.com!!! I hope you enjoy it.
Currently the site is not complete.. Look for the data on:


As I complete pages, the site pages will be updated. Most pages will be broken until the page is complete.
After the migration is complete both URL's will be directed to the new layout. Enjoy!
Feedback is very much appreciated! You can contact the site at georflf@comcast.net or click the feedback link.

Pennsylvania and its wilderness / water supply is in danger, because of the natural gas industry.
Please take action and educate yourself on this destructive process of natural gas extraction
known as hydraulicfracturing.

Please visit my Marcellus Shale page to learn more about the DANGER Pennsylvania is in.

Join the RDA.org (its free!) &
the Sierra Club
(or just take action, its easy!)
Contact your legislatures & senators
to enforce protective law for PA.

Please take the time to search the site and download the data available to you.

pahikingtrails.com & georflf.com are currently not up-to-date, but this process is slowly occurring.

Suggestions and comments are appreciated!

PA Hiking Trails

Live the Outdoors!

As an educator my students come first. I am working diligently to update data to the site. I currently have pictures to rename, GPS file to organize and maps to update for your use. Please bear with me during the reconstruction process.

If you are looking for a trail that I do not have posted, email me. I may have the data available.

This website was created and is maintained by an educator that is dedicated to delivering...
MAPS, GPS Data and DETAIL about PA Trails like no other!

  Did you ever wonder what was ahead of you on the trail?  
We'll wonder no more?   For instance...

How long of a hike is this?

Where are the best campsites?   How hard of a hike will this be?
  Where will we be able to filter water at?  
Are there any vista's to look at?   Are there any waterfalls?
  What will I see on my adventure?  
What kind of terrain will I cross?   What are the highlights of the trail?

I have personally GPS'ed each of the trails found within my site!

All posted data includes GPS waypoints, tracks & points of interest.
But it doesn't stop there!

I have also created Elevation Profiles with points of interest entered in a vertical text using MS Word!
I have several maps available for download (USGS Quality!)
& lots lots more useful information!

* All coordinates posted on my site, use the "NAD83/WGS84" Datum no matter what grid system was used (Lat. & Long., UTM, MGRS, etc.)

Click to view in full size: Backpacking Sample Pictures

Highlights of pahikingtrails.com

  1. Basics behind GPS Technology
  2. Downloadable Custom GPS Waypoint Symbols
  3. PDF documents that explain and educate
  4. GPS'ed PA Backpacking Trips (20 and counting...)
  5. GPS'ed PA Day Hikes (50+ and counting...)
  6. Trailhead & Parking Area Coordinates
  7. USGS Map & Garmin Maps with symbols & mileage
  8. Topographic Programs & links
  9. Website links to great sites
  10. Elevation Profiles for most trips & hikes
  11. FAQ's about outdoor adventures
  12. Essential & useful knots to use in the mt's.
  13. Bear bag hanging techniques
  14. Backpacking / Hiking Checklists
  15. Maps of the campsites in two formats
  1. PA's Habitat including trees, waterways, state forests
  2. PA's wildlife including, snakes, mammals, ticks, etc...
  3. USGS water gauges & their levels including how to read them
  4. Great streams & rivers to kayak & canoe on
  5. List of Local Outfitters & links
  6. Pictures of all adventures
  7. Resources page to great books & readings
  8. Geocaching (global treasure hunting game)
  9. Survival & Orienteering tips & information
  10. Forums page to post information about trails & hikes
  11. Lots of downloadable data
  12. An about the webmaster page
  13. Information on Marcellus Shale & gas exploration
  14. Decimal mileage charts in several formats
  15. Much, much more!

A message from the webmaster

PAHikingTrails.com & georflf.com was created to educate individuals on the outdoors and to expose the beauties and adventures that the mountains of PA can bring to such a person seeking some excitement. In addition, I (GeoRFLF) have used the Internet to educate myself on some of the trails in PA, with this in mind. GeoRFLF created this website as a thank you and a way to to "give back" in hopes that his experiences could help another out on the trail.

My wife & I hope this site enlightens you. However, the information on this site and out in the wilderness is always changing. Due to natural occurrences: topography, waypoints, tracks and other such points of interest may not be the same as they were when we were there.

Happy researching and I encourage you to contact me www.pahikingtrails.com & www.georflf.com, whether it be likes, dislikes, possible improvements or how this site has helped in your outdoor adventures.

Happy Trails to You,

GeoRFLF (outdoor enthusiast, webmaster and creator of pahikingtrails.com & georflf.com)
"Live the Outdoors"

Photo Album

Don't Stop Here!

  Take a look at a few pictures from each of our outdoor   adventures. 

  Here you will find pictures of great vistas, runs, rock formations,   rattlesnakes, animals, animal tracks, flowers, plants, bugs,   macros, panoramic's, etc...

To get there, visit my "Backpacking Trips," "Day Hikes," "Geocaching," or "Pictures" Pages. Under each link at the bottom of the pages there will be a few photos.

Questions or Comments?: Please feel free to email me, I would appreciate them, Thanks!

Within my site you will find links to several other awesome website's for your educational and recreational needs. I encourage you to dig deep and read all of interest to you on my site. It is also a good idea to use a search engine for more information on a topic of interest.

I have posted: GPS waypoints, tracks, elevation profiles maps, trail descriptions, directions (most start from Rt220 or a major Highway), animal & outdoor information, bear bag hanging techniques, geocaching information, knots, camp games, water levels, PA information, DCNR information and much more!
All for your enjoyment, please take a look around!

*Please, if this site as helped you in anyway and you would like to give back, donate by clicking the link found on the bottom left navigation bar. It takes many hours to update, post, check the data and its accuracy. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Last Updated On:  August 6, 2013

*Please remember, the information posted on this page and all other pages can & probably will change. I assume no liability for accidents happening to, or injuries sustained by, readers who engage in the activities posted on my entire website including links. Remember, you are responsible for your own actions, please understand conditions on the trail, in the woods or on the river can/will change due to mother nature. Please don’t assume I know all there is about such topics, unfortunately I do not. I am just posting my travels and opinions experienced out in the wilderness. I encourage you to read further and look to reliable resources like the PA Game & Fish Commission and the PA DCNR. Thank You.