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PA Hiking Trails

Website Est. 2005


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This website was created and is maintained by an educator that is dedicated to delivering..
MAPS, GPS Data and DETAIL about PA Trails like no other!

As I complete pages, the site pages will be updated. Most pages will be broken until the page is complete.
After the migration is complete both URL's will be directed to the new layout. Enjoy!
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Pennsylvania and its wilderness / water supply is in danger, because of the natural gas industry.
Please take action and educate yourself on this destructive process of natural gas extraction known as hydraulicfracturing.
Join the RDA.org (its free!) & the Sierra Club (or just take action, its easy!)
Contact your legislatures & senators to enforce protective law for PA.
Please visit my Marcellus Shale page to learn more about the DANGER Pennsylvania is in.

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Page Table of Contents

Great Grid System Links
Great Links
Software Used to Compile the Data Found on the Site
Google Maps
Google Earth
* Click on any of the links to be taken directly to that piece of information

PA Outdoor Links

Backpacker Magazine - An excellent magazine about the outdoors, trails, backpacing, survival, etc..

Geocaching.com - An extremely popular family-oriented treasure hunting game in which the person uses a GPSr to find caches hidden around the world.

HikePA.com - A good website to find hikes in PA.

LocalHikes.com - Another good website for PA hikes.

MidAtlanticHikes.com - An excellent website to locate hikes in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the country.

PAHikes.com - Another resource for hiking in PA.

Slackpacker.com - A great website to find hiking trails all over the country.

Trails.com - An extensive website on the outdoors, but they charge for stuff.

VisitPA.com - Want to find something to do in PA? Check out this website.

PAWilds.com - 2.1 million acres of the most prestine lands in NC PA. Check out the site for all sorts of outdoor activities in this area.

wpatrails.com - Another great source for hikes around the southwestern part of the state near Pittsburgh.

GPShikingDC.com - This is a site for hikes located in the greater DC area.

Official State Forest Trail Websites

PA DCNR - PA's Dept. of Natural Resources. The cops and conservationionalist of PA's woods. Theres a wealth of knowledge on this website and its a great resource.

PA Fish & Boat Commission - Another great website to educate yourself on PA's waterways, fishing laws and its aquatic life.

Keystone Trails Association - An organization dedicated to provide, preserve, protect and promote recreational hiking trails and hiking opportunities in Pennsylvania.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy - The ATC was est. in 1925 and is a national not-for-profit corporation that is both a confederation of the 31 local organizations with assignments to maintain the Appalachian Trail (AT) and a membership organization with support from all 50 staes and more than 15 other countries.

Allegheny Front Trail - The Allegheny Front Trail (or AFT) is a relatively new Pennsylvania hiking trail that encircles Black Moshannon State Park. While currently being plotted using GPS equipment, the estimated length of the trail is 40 miles. Under construction since late 1995, the AFT traverses some rocky, rugged portions of the Allegheny Plateau, passes along five different mountain trout streams and the Moshannon Creek, and includes 11 vistas along its circuit.

Alpine Club of Williamsport - Organized in 1953, the club maintains the 59.21 mile Loyalsock Trail (LT) and has trail care hikes and other outings. Club membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. The Loyalsock Trail is the best if not one of the best trails in the state, hands down.

Mid State Trail Assocation of PA - The MST now stretches from Green Ridge Forest in Maryland, to as spur of the Finger Lake Trail at the New York state line. This is a linear trail that offers a wide variety of terrain and sites to see.

Standing Stone Trail Club Inc. - Is dedicated to the preservation, maintenance, and enjoyment of Pennsylvania's Standing Stone Trail, a 70+ mile long footpath: part of Great Eastern Trail.
Until January 12, 2007, we were known as the Link Trail.

Susquehannock Trail Club - Within two years, the club had matured to the point that it began to perform volunteer conservation projects such as tree planting for the local forest district. It also began to hold its own social functions such as organized hikes, and it established an award called, "Circuit Hiker," for anyone who hiked the entire Susquehannock Trail System. The STS is a great trail that is very remote, rugged and beautiful. This is another of PA's best trails in my opinion.



Great Grid System Links

Latitude & Longitude

Universal Transverse Mercator

Military Grid Reference System

Universal Polar Sterographic System

Ordinance Survey Great Britian

Maidenhead Grid System

Great Links

Many / Most of the pictures above are links to great software and website's

Software Used to Compile the Data Posted on www.pahikingtrails.com

Google Maps

View Larger Map


National Geographic's TOPO! State Series DVD

Garmin's - Trip & Waypoint Manager

Garmin's Trip & Waypoint Manager
(comes with your Garmin GPS)

Garmin US Topo Map

Garmin's U.S. 2008 TOPO! DVD

Nat Geo PA Topo

Nat. Geo's Topo Software for PA & NJ

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Garmin's GPSMAP 60CSx
(best GPSr, the 62 Series looks promising!)

Garmin Topo US 100K

Garmin's Topo U.S. 2008 DVD is the same product
as their Topo U.S. 100K product

USGS - PA Water Levels

USGS PA Water Gauges website

Weather Underground


GPS Visualizer

GPS Visualizer - ability to upload gps data and view it on several map formats

ACME Mapper 2.0

ACME Mapper 2.0 - view maps in several formats

Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

My Topo

MyTopo - view maps old and new in several formats

Google Earth

Google Earth

Questions or Comments?: Please feel free to email me, I would appreciate them, Thanks!

*Please, if this site as helped you in anyway and you would like to give back, donate by clicking the link found on the bottom left navigation bar. It takes many hours to update, post, check the data and its accuracy. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Last Updated On:  August 6, 2013

*Please remember, the information posted on this page and all other pages can & probably will change. I assume no liability for accidents happening to, or injuries sustained by, readers who engage in the activities posted on my entire website including links. Remember, you are responsible for your own actions, please understand conditions on the trail, in the woods or on the river can/will change due to mother nature. Please don’t assume I know all there is about such topics, unfortunately I do not. I am just posting my travels and opinions experienced out in the wilderness. I encourage you to read further and look to reliable resources like the PA Game & Fish Commission and the PA DCNR. Thank You.