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Page Table of Contents
What is Geocaching?
Why Would I Want to Geocache?

Where Do I Find a Geocache?
What Do I Do When I Find a Cache?
The History of Geocaching
Geocaching Terminology

Are There Any Other Geocaching Websites?
Geocaching Pictures
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Welcome to my geocaching page. I will try and give you a brief rundown of what geocaching is and how much fun it can be. I have been geocaching since the 2000's. My wife and I have been out on several occasions and tallied up almost 120 geocaches in four (4) states.

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Geocaching is our favorite thing to do when we are not backpacking, hiking, camping, whitewater kayaking or taking a bike ride. Our adventures have led us to geocache in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida & Hawaii. This form of outdoor treasure hunting is fun for you, your spouse, your children, your friends or the whole family. I have posted a few of our favorite <LINK> geocaching pictures at the bottom of the page. So you ask yourself?

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure / treasure hunting game. This game incorporates a GPSr unit and obviously yourself. Geocachers (people who are attempting to find the caches) use their GPS units through latitude & longitudinal coordinates to find a cache hidden somewhere in the area, the next state, a neighboring country or all the way across the world! That's right, this game is worldwide! Over 1.5 million caches are hidden worldwide throughout 100+ countries. If you had the opportunity to read my GPS Technology page you will have a good understanding on what GPS is and how it works. A GPSr is vital to geocaching, but caching can be done without a unit. But you will need some good knowledge in map and compass reading.

There is even a story behind "Signal" the Frog, geocaching.com's mascot.

Learn all there is to know on: Geocaching 101


Why Would I Want to Geocache?

Where Do I Find a Geocaches?

You must go to www.geocaching.com and create an account. Don't worry it's free and they do not sell your information or email to a third party. If you choose not to create an account, you will not be able to see the caches exact locations. The website offers a wide variety of options for the cacher and premium members receive even more perks (member caches, query building, etc..). Geocaching.com explains all there is to know in great detail about geocaching, so I will keep this page short.

What Do I Do When I Find a Cache?

Geocaching is not just about finding the cache, but it is more about where the cache takes you and what you may see along the way or at the cache location. For example, you may come across a vista (overlook in which looks out over a vast area) on top of a mountain that you never thought existed! Back to the original question. When you find a cache you are generally rewarded with a container of goodies and a log book. Be sure to sign your name and list what you took and what you are leaving. If you choose, you can leave a small message too. When you find the cache you take an item out and replace it with another item. You are also asked to clean up any trash or debris that you may find in the woods (CITO, stands for: Cache In, Trash Out). There are rules to geocaching, please be courteus & respectful and follow them. Also geocaching.com does have some guidelines and etiquette you must follow in order to create a user account and/or to setup your own geocache for the world to find. Common sense, courtesy, respect and the golden rule are some easy things to remember and follow when out geocaching or participating in any other outdoor adventure.

The History of Geocaching

In May of 2000, the U.S. Gov't opened up the very limited access of GPS technology to the public. Prior GPS users instantly received a huge upgrade, their GPS units were know 10x more accurate! Since then, GPS manufacturers have been busy designing and creating units not just for military, commerical and professional purposes, but also for civilian use. Within the first month, "GPS Stash Hunting" (now known as Geocaching) instantly began to grow and gain popularity. On the geocaching website you can read about the history of geocaching and the stories behind it such as: the inventor, the first cache finder and much more. Please, I encourage you to take the time to check it out.

Geocaching Terminology

Note: There are various acronyms and words commonly used when discussing geocaching.



Logging a hunt:

Note: The various acronyms in this section are often combined in various ways, such as "TNLNSL, TFTC!"


Location description or hint:

Are There Any Other Geocaching Websites?

A matter a fact there is! A list below will give you a start on where to look and find geocaches in your area. The most popular site however is www.geocaching.com.

The logo to your right --->

is the
universal symbol
Geocaching Logo

Geocaching Pictures

Note: Click the pictures below to view them at full resolution.

Questions or Comments?: Please feel free to email me, I would appreciate them, Thanks!

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*Please remember, the information posted on this page and all other pages can & probably will change. I assume no liability for accidents happening to, or injuries sustained by, readers who engage in the activities posted on my entire website including links. Remember, you are responsible for your own actions, please understand conditions on the trail, in the woods or on the river can/will change due to mother nature. Please don’t assume I know all there is about such topics, unfortunately I do not. I am just posting my travels and opinions experienced out in the wilderness. I encourage you to read further and look to reliable resources like the PA Game & Fish Commission and the PA DCNR. Thank You.