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PA Hiking Trails

Website Est. 2005


PA Backpacking Trips

This website was created and is maintained by an educator that is dedicated to delivering..
MAPS, GPS Data and DETAIL about PA Trails like no other!

As I complete pages, the site pages will be updated. Most pages will be broken until the page is complete.
After the migration is complete both URL's will be directed to the new layout. Enjoy!
Feedback is very much appreciated! You can contact the site at georflf@comcast.net or click the feedback link.

Pennsylvania and its wilderness / water supply is in danger, because of the natural gas industry.
Please take action and educate yourself on this destructive process of natural gas extraction known as hydraulicfracturing.
Join the RDA.org (its free!) & the Sierra Club (or just take action, its easy!)
Contact your legislatures & senators to enforce protective law for PA.
Please visit my Marcellus Shale page to learn more about the DANGER Pennsylvania is in.

Note: Welcome to the new
I hope you enjoy it.
Currently the site is not complete.
Look for the data on:


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to view the backpacking page until the migration is complete

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This part of my site is for you backpackers and even day hikers!
Many of these trails make great day hikes too.

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Below are links to backpacking trails located throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
I have provided a brief description of each State Forest Trail & others that I have completed
along with my GPS logged waypoints, tracks, elevation profiles, trailhead coordinates, pictures & directions
all for your enjoyment and/or use out on the trails.

Page Table of Contents

VIP Read Me's & Useful Programs
GPS Data VIP Info
DCNR Quads & Maps
Personal Water Rating System
PA State Forest Backpacking Trips
     Appalachian Trail
     Black Forest Trail
     Bucktail Path
     Chuck Keiper Trail
     Donut Hole Trail
     Golden Eagle Trail
     Horse-shoe Trail
     John P. Saylor Trail
     Loyalsock Trail
     Mid State Trail
     Old Loggers Path
     Pinchot Trail
     Susquehannock Trail
     West Rim Trail
     Other State Forest Trails that I did not hike!

National Scenic & Historic Trails
Find a PA State Forest
Find a PA State Park
Find a PA Trail
PA Geology
PA DCNR Mobile App
Why Post Data on These Trails?
GPS Used for Each Hike
Fun Games to Play at Camp

Currently I have a wide variety of trails complete, please contact me for additional data, such as: GPS files, maps, reviews, directions, water levels, conditions, etc.. thanks!

* Click on any of the links to be taken directly to that piece of information


  1. Learn to Interpret My GPS Files
  2. Learn to Interpret My TOPO Files
  3. My Water Table Legend
  4. DCNR Trail Markings
  5. Map Datum List
  6. Using Garmin GPS with Paper Map
  7. Backpacking Checklist

* All files zipped up for your convenience click here.


To your left you will find some very important READ ME'S on how to use the data found within my site. Even if you do not read the linked information below you should be able to make sense of my data, but if you become confused, please look to the links to your left or just read below, thanks!

To your right you will find some very cool websites to help you along your way in planning and viewing your hiking and/or backpacking trips.

Click Image to Enter Website!

GPS Visualizer - ability to upload gps data and view it on several map formats

ACME Mapper 2.0 - view maps in several formats

MyTopo - view maps old and new in several formats

Note: All of my GPS waypoint names are 14 characters long.
The GPS files are in (3) formats,
     First is: Garmin users (.gdb), which is proprietary to Garmin's MapSource or BaseCamp Software. However GPS Babel can convert gps files
     Second is: GPS eXchange file for other GPS users (.gpx) this file format can also be used in National Geographics TOPO! Software.
     Third: Non-GPS users which is in text format (.txt) which is a printable layout of the waypoints in order.
Note: The "backpacking trips" profiles documents are detailed word documents that display not just the elevation, but special features that are found at that particular mile on the trail. I have been slowly adding and updating Elevation Profiles for both Backpacking & Day Hikes! However, they are not a priority, so I do not have many of them complete.
Note: The "hiking trips" & "backpacking trips" elevation profile maps only display the elevation changes along the trail. This is so you can see the change in elevation as you hike the trail and know what to expect (a climb or descent).

** Please, take the time to check out the links. **
It took me many hours to create the profiles and uniform all the GPS files.
Let me know what you think and
if you find any errors or updates that need to be fixed or added.

DCNR Quadrangle Maps & Software - FIX ME !!!

DCNR Quadrangle Software: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/groundwater/WebDriller/WDsoftware.aspx

** Below you will find a Water Table Legend that I have created **
The purpose of this was to assess the water supply during the hike and come up with a rating system for future hikes so I know and you know what to expect.
Take 5 minutes and read over the table so you may compare my levels to your levels.

Personal Water Rating System

Personal Rating System:

Water Description

5-pt. Rating System

Very High Water Level: Water is Abundant Excellent Water - 5
High Water Level: Water is Not a Problem Good Water - 4
Good Water Level: Water is available at Major Streams Ok Water - 3
Low Water Level: Water is low to scarce Poor Water - 2
Very Low Water Level: Water is almost nonexistent Bad Water - 1

** Each hike is rated based off the USGS Water Levels using the closest stream gauge to the trail **

Directions: Navigating the Gauges
  1. Navigate to the USGS Water,
  2. Click on the US Map found on the left side of the page,
  3. You have 4 choices of data to look at, click on Current Streamflow,
  4. Click on the state PA,
  5. Find the stream gauge closest to your hike.
  1. Click on the colored circle, this is the stream gauge.
  2. Click on the linked number, the number is the USGS ID.
  3. Be sure there is a check mark in gauge height & gauge cfs (cubic feet per second).
  4. Convert the information to table form (this is easiest to view).
  5. Pick the prior days you would like to view (up to 120 days is viewable).

Pennsylvania State Forest Backpacking Trails

PA Backpacking
Partially Completed
PA Backpacking
PA Backpacking
PA Backpacking
  • Black Forest Trail - (BFT)

  • Bucktail Path - (BP)

  • Golden Eagle Trail - (GET)

  • John P. Saylor Trail - (JPST)

  • Loyalsock Trail - (LT)

  • Old Loggers Path - (OLP)

  • Pinchot Trail - (PT)

  • Susquehannock Trail - (STS)

  • West Rim Trail - (WRT)

Day Hikes: Most if not all trails can be broken down into day hikes by using connector trails or roads.

  • Appalachian Trail - (AT)

  • Chuck Keiper Trail - (CKT)
    • (East Loop)

  • Mid-state Trail - (MST)
    • This trail is a XXX miles long and stretches south to north across the state

Trail Data: Click on the trail link to view trail data and pictures.
  • Appalachian Trail - (AT)

  • Chuck Keiper Trail - (CKT)
    • (West Loop)

  • Donut Hole Trail - (DHT)

  • Mid-state Trail - (MST)
    • (additional sections)

Additional Info: Further information on these trails & other such activities please visit the PA DCNR or do a search for any of the trails in a search engine such as: Google or Yahoo.
  • Allegheny Front Trail - (AFT)

  • Baker Trail - (BT)

  • Conestoga Trail - (CT)

  • Horse-Shoe Trail - (HST)

  • Laurel Highlands Trail - (LHT)

  • Lost Turkey Path - (LTP)

  • Mason-Dixon Trail - (MDT)

  • North Country Trail - (NCT)

  • Quebec Run Trail - (QRT)

  • Quehanna Trail - (QT)

  • Rachel Carson Trail - (RCT)

  • Rocky Knob Trail - (RKT)

  • Standing Stone Trail - (SST)

  • Thunderswamp Trail - (TST)

  • Tuscarora Trail - (TT)

  • Warrior Trail - (WT)
Want to see Pictures?: If pictures are what you would like to see scroll to the bottom of each trail page or click on the pictures page in the navigation bar.

National Scenic & Historic Trails

  1. Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail
  2. Appalachian National Scenic Trail (AT)
    (only a very small 4 mile section is complete.)
  3. Arizona National Scenic Trail
  4. California National
  5. Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
  6. Florida National Scenic Trail
  7. Great Eastern Trail (GET)
  8. Ice Age National Scenic Trail
  9. Laurel Highlands National Scenic Trail (LHT)
  10. Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail
  11. New England National Scenic Trail
  12. North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT)
  13. Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT)
  14. Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail
  15. Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
  1. California National Historic Trail
  2. Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail
  3. El Casino Real de Los Texas National Historic Trail
  4. El Casino Real de Tierra Agentry National Historic Trail
  5. Id ita rod National Historic Trail
  6. Juan Batiste de Ansa National Historic Trail
  7. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
  8. Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
  9. Nez Percé (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail
  10. Old Spanish National Historic Trail
  11. Oregon National Historic Trail
  12. Over mountain Victory National Scenic Trail
  13. Pony Express National Historic Trail
  14. Santa Fe National Historic Trail
  15. Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail
  16. Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
  17. Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
  18. Washington-Roc ham beau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail

PA DCNR Mobile App

This is a very cool mobile app that can assist you in find a state park and its activities.
In addition it has maps, but unfortunately they are low resolution maps.
Note: Newer phones may not be supported at this time.

PA DCNR Mobile App
image courtesy of: PA DCNR

Click the picture to be taken to the mobile app page to download it.

Why Post Data on These Trails?

This I feel is a wonderful way to share our experiences out in the woods of Pennsylvania with others. PA's wilderness is awesome and has many natural beauties to share with its people and vacationers. In addition my wife & two of our hiking partners are working on the KTA & DCNR Hiking Award

The Awards offered are listed below:

The Keystone Trails Association offers the following awards for hikers.

  1. Appalachian Trail Award - Applicant must have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania.
  2. Merit Award - Applicant must have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania plus 200 or more miles on any of the trails listed below.
  3. Merit II Award - Applicant must have hiked all of the Appalachian Trail between the Hudson River and the Potomac River plus 200 or more miles on trails listed below in addition to those used for the Merit Award.
  4. Pennsylvania Award - Applicant must have hiked 500 miles in Pennsylvania. Trails can be found in Pennsylvania Hiking Trails, KTA's hiking guide. Portions of any trail may be used.
  5. State Forest Trails Award - Applicant must have hiked all 780 miles of trails in the Pennsylvania State Forest system. State Forest trails may be used to fulfill the requirements of another award. This is a co-award from the DCNR & KTA.
  6. Western Pennsylvania Award - Applicant must have hiked 200 miles or more on any of the western trails listed below.
  7. Young Hiker Award (12 and under) - Applicant must have hiked 25 miles on any trail in Pennsylvania. Applicant may receive this award on multiple occasions, but must complete the 25-mile requirement on different trails for each award.

*** Most of the organizations/clubs that maintain these trails also offer a patch for anyone who completes the trail.***

GPS Device That I Used For Each of My Backpacking Trips
Along With the Date They Were Hiked

No GPS used for the..

  • Old Logger's Path (July, 2004)
    • Day hikes have been updated to the OLP to include new track info

Garmin eTrex Legend.. (Poor Receiver!)

  • Black Forest Trail - Trip 1 (May, 2005)
    • Day hikes have been updated to the BFT to include new track info
  • Black Forest Trail - Trip 2 (June, 2005)
    • Day hikes have been updated to the BFT to include new track info

Garmin GPSMAP 60.. (Great Unit!)

  • Susquehannock Trail - Trip 1 (July, 2005)
  • Bucktail Path - Trip 1 (September, 2005)
  • West Rim Trail - Trip 1 (September, 2005)
  • West Rim Trail - Trip 2 (October, 2005)

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX.. (Amazing Unit!)

  • Bucktail Path - Trip 2 (April, 2005)
  • Susquehannock Trail - Trip 2 (May, 2006)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 6 (June, 2006)
  • Loyalsock Trail - Trip 1 (September, 2006)
  • Loyalsock Trail - Trip 2 (September, 2006)
  • Rausch Gap, Railroad Bed, camping along the AT (March, 2007)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 10 (May, 2007)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 4 (May, 2007)
  • Loyalsock Trail - Trip 3 (May, 2007)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 7 (July, 2007)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 8 (July, 2007)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 10 (June 2008)
  • Rausch Gap, Appalachian Trail (September, 2008)
  • Mid State Trail - Section 18 (May 2009)
  • Pinchot Trail (May 2011)
  • Susquehannock Trail - Trip 3 (June, 2011)
  • Horse-Shoe Trail, camping along the AT (July, 2011)

Fun Games to Play at Camp

  1. Card Games of any kind, whether it be poker, blackjack, go-fish or solitaire, or any others
  2. Consider going to your nearest department store and picking up the dice game of "Phase 10" or learn the "Dice Game, " both are very fun to play and are light to carry!
  3. Lateral Thinking Games - These types of games are simple and fun to play. All that it involves to play is you, some friends and the lateral thought or riddle. Examples Listed Below..
    • Bouncing Baby - How could a baby fall out of a 20 story building and life?.. Here's another,
    • The Truck Driver - A police officer saw a truck driver clearly going the wrong way down a one-way street, but did not try to stop him. Why not?
      • Interested in them? Download my Lateral Thinking Questions document along with the Lateral Thinking Answers document. I have compiled 90 of them. If you find these riddles enjoyable, check out your local bookstore or search the Internet for Lateral Thinking books, there are lots of them out there and there cheap to buy.

Questions or Comments?: Please feel free to email me, I would appreciate them, Thanks!

*Please, if this site as helped you in anyway and you would like to give back, donate by clicking the link found on the bottom left navigation bar. It takes many hours to update, post, check the data and its accuracy. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Last Updated On:  August 6, 2013

*Please remember, the information posted on this page and all other pages can & probably will change. I assume no liability for accidents happening to, or injuries sustained by, readers who engage in the activities posted on my entire website including links. Remember, you are responsible for your own actions, please understand conditions on the trail, in the woods or on the river can/will change due to mother nature. Please don’t assume I know all there is about such topics, unfortunately I do not. I am just posting my travels and opinions experienced out in the wilderness. I encourage you to read further and look to reliable resources like the PA Game & Fish Commission and the PA DCNR. Thank You.