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PA Hiking Trails

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PA Habitat

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Page Table of Contents
Quick Statistics
State Parks
State Forests
Common Trees of PA
Identifying PA Trees
Poisonious Trees & Plants of PA

State Game Lands
USGS Water
American Whitewater

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Pennsylvania is made up of a wide variety of geographical elements that make this state so unique. I will attempt to give you a brief overview of some of the features that make PA a great outdoor recreational state. This state offers recreational activities such as: amusement parks, ATV, backpacking, bicycling, boating, camping, canoeing, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, golf, fishing, geocaching, hiking, hunting, ice skating, kayaking, orienteering, picnicking, rock climbing, rollerblading, sailing, scenic drives, scuba diving, sledding, snowmobiling, swimming, wildlife watching & whitewater activities.

Quick Statistcs

State Parks

Note: Many of the pictures below are links!

PA is broken down into four (4) State Park regions. Within these regions are many state parks. Pennsylvania is fortunate enough to have 120 state parks stretching all across the state

PA State Parks
image courtesy of: PA DCNR

State Park by Regions


  • Bald Eagle State Park
  • Bendigo State Park
  • Black Moshannon State Park
  • Bucktail State Park Natural Area
  • Chapman State Park
  • Cherry Springs State Park
  • Clear Creek State Park
  • Colton Point State Park
  • Cook Forest State Park
  • Denton Hill State Park
  • Elk State Park
  • Hills Creek State Park
  • Hyner Run State Park
  • Hyner View State Park
  • Kettle Creek State Park
  • Kinzua Bridge State Park
  • Leonard Harrison State Park
  • Little Pine State Park
  • Lyman Run State Park
  • Ole Bull State Park
  • Parker Dam State Park
  • Patterson State Park
  • Prouty Place State Park
  • Ravensburg State Park
  • Simon B. Elliott State Park
  • Sinnemahoning State Park
  • Sizerville State Park
  • Susquehanna State Park
  • Upper Pine Bottom State Park
PA State Parks - North Region
image courtesy of: PA DCNR
PA State Parks - East Region
image courtesy of: PA DCNR

  • Archbald Pothole State Park
  • Beltzville State Park
  • Benjamin Rush State Park
  • Big Pocono State Park
  • Delaware Canal State Park
  • Evansburg State Park
  • Fort Washington State Park
  • Frances Slocum State Park
  • Gouldsboro State Park
  • Hickory Run State Park
  • Jacobsburg State Park
  • Lackawanna State Park
  • Lehigh Gorge State Park
  • Marsh Creek State Park
  • Mount Pisgah State Park
  • Nescopeck State Park
  • Neshaminy State Park
  • Nockamixon State Park
  • Norristown Farm Park
  • Promised Land State Park
  • Prompton State Park
  • Ralph Stover State Park
  • Ricketts Glen State Park
  • Ridley Creek State Park
  • Salt Springs State Park
  • Tobyhanna State Park
  • Tyler State Park
  • Varden Conservation Area
  • White Clay Creek Preserve
  • Worlds End State Park


  • Big Spring State Forest Picnic Area
  • Blue Knob State Park
  • Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area
  • Buchanan's Birthplace State Park
  • Caledonia State Park
  • Canoe Creek State Park
  • Codorus State Park
  • Colonel Denning State Park
  • Cowans Gap State Park
  • Fowlers Hollow State Park
  • French Creek State Park
  • Gifford Pinchot State Park
  • Greenwood Furnace State Park
  • Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area
  • Kings Gap Environmental Education Center
  • Little Buffalo State Park
  • McCalls Dam State Park
  • Memorial Lake State Park
  • Milton State Park
  • Mont Alto State Park
  • Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center
  • Penn-Roosevelt State Park
  • Pine Grove Furnace State Park
  • Poe Paddy State Park
  • Poe Valley State Park
  • Prince Gallitzin State Park
  • Raymond B. Winter State Park
  • Reeds Gap State Park
  • Samuel S. Lewis State Park
  • Sand Bridge State Park
  • Shawnee State Park
  • Shikellamy State Park
  • Susquehannock State Park
  • Swatara State Park
  • Trough Creek State Park
  • Warriors Path State Park
  • Whipple Dam State Park

PA State Park - South Region
image courtesy of: PA DCNR

PA State Parks - West Region
image courtesy of: PA DCNR


  • Allegheny Islands State Park
  • Erie Bluffs State Park
  • Hillman State Park
  • Jennings Environmental Education Center
  • Keystone State Park
  • Kooser State Park
  • Laurel Hill State Park
  • Laurel Mountain State Park
  • Laurel Ridge State Park (Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail)
  • Laurel Summit State Park
  • Linn Run State Park
  • Maurice K. Goddard State Park
  • McConnells Mill State Park
  • Moraine State Park
  • Ohiopyle State Park
  • Oil Creek State Park
  • Point State Park
  • Presque Isle State Park
  • Pymatuning State Park
  • Raccoon Creek State Park
  • Ryerson Station State Park
  • Yellow Creek State Park

State Forests

The state forest system of Pennsylvania is quite expansive and impressive for a state who has been inhabited for over two hundred years.

  • There is approximately 2.1 million acres of forestlands in PA
  • 48 of Pennsylvania's 67 counties contain forest lands
  • The state forests comprises 12% of the forested area in the Commonweallth
  • Pennsylvania's state forest represents one of the largest expanses of public forestland in the eastern United States, making it a truly priceless public asset
  • A little over 2% of the state is waterways
  • PA is approximately 46,055 sq. mi. in size or 29,475,200 acres
  • - PA DCNR
  PA State Forests
image courtesy of: PA DCNR
PA State Forest Districts
image courtesy of: PA DCNR
  • PA is broken down into 20 state forest districts
  • The most expansive districts of state forest lands are located in
    • Susquehannock
    • Elk
    • Sproul (largest)
    • Tiadaghton
    • Tioga
    • Loyalsock
    • Bald Eagle
    • Rothrock
    • Michaux
    • Delaware

PA is broken down into 7 regions

  • Pennsylvania's Great Lakes
  • Pittsburgh and It's Countryside
  • Pennsylvania Wilds (my favorite)
  • The Alleghenies and her Valleys
  • Dutch Country Roads
  • Northeast Pennsylvania Mountains
  • Philadelphia and the Countryside


  PA Regions
image courtesy of: PA DCNR
PA Wilds
image courtesy of: PA DCNR

The Pennsylvania Wilds

  • My favorite region for its expansive trail systems, state forest lands and natural wonders
  • The majority of my hiking and backpacking is within this region
  • Comprises the majority of PA's state forest lands
  • Top trails in this region
    • Black Forest Trail
    • West Rim Trail
    • Loyalsock Trail
    • Susquehannock Trail
    • Donut Hole Trail
    • Chuck Keiper Trail
    • Old Loggers Path
    • Bucktail Path
    • Quehanna Trail
    • Golde Eagle Trail
    • Rickett's Glenn Fall Trail
    • Mid-state Trail (half of it)
    • hundreds of day hikes
Detailed Interactive Map of the PA Wilds     PA Wilds Detailed Map
image courtesy of: PA DCNR
PA State Forest Hiking TrailsPA's Main State Forest Hiking Trails & PA Wilds Trails
image courtesy of: PA DCNR

PA Backpacking Trails

  • Black Forest Trail
  • West Rim Trail
  • Susquehannock Trail
  • Bucktail Path
  • Quehanna Trail
  • Donut Hole Trail
  • Baker Trail
  • Lost Turkey Path
  • John P. Saylor Trail
  • Chuck Keiper Trail
  • Mid State Trail
  • Tuscarora Trail
  • Rocky Knob
  • Golde Eagle Trail
  • Old Loggers Path
  • Loyalsock Trail
  • Pinchot Trail
  • Thunderswamp Trail
  • North Country Trail
  • Laurel Highlands Trail
  PA WIlds Emblem
PA Forest Acreage per State Forest

PA Forest Types

The three largest State Forest in PA are:

  1. Sproul State Forest
  2. Susquehannock State Forest
  3. Tiadaghton State Forest

PA Wilds consists of:

  • Cornplanter State Forest
  • Clear Creek State Forest
  • Elk State Forest
  • Susquehannock State Forest
  • Moshannon State Forest
  • Sproul State Forest
  • Bald Eagle State Forest
  • Tioga State Forest
  • Tiadaghton State Forest

* which accounts for 1.56 of the 2.1 million acres in PA - (75%)


Tree Growth Types

Dry Oak-Heath -
Other Terrestrial Forest Types -
Northern Hardwoods -
Red Oak-Mixed Hardwoods -
Dry Oak-Mixed Hardwoods-
Conifers - Trees with everbearing (green) leaves known as needles and fruit known as cones
Red Maple -
Black Cherry-Northern Hardwood -
  Types of Forest

What is the Pennsylvania Wilds Initiative?
PA State Parks, A Modern Day Legacy


Common Trees of PA

Identifying PA Trees

Poisonous Trees & Plants of PA

State Game Lands


USGS (United States Geological Survey)

USGS Water

NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

American Whitewater












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